Strategic Partnership

Jobiqo and Aimwel unveil AI-based Collaboration Jobiqo Air

Strategic Partnership

Jobiqo and Aimwel unveil AI-based Collaboration Jobiqo Air

Strategic Partnership

Jobiqo and Aimwel unveil AI-based Collaboration Jobiqo Air

by Ben Salisbury AIM Group | Apr 19, 2023 | HRTech , Recruitment , Financials / Deals PRO

Austrian-based job board software and AI-matching technology company Jobiqo and Netherlands-based recruitment advertising company Aimwel have unveiled a strategic partnership that they maintain will supercharge recruitment advertising and job boards.The collaboration will help job boards boost their marketing effectiveness, generate job applicants where they are most required and make it easier for job boards to reach the right candidates, they assert. Jobiqo was founded in 2011 and has built about 200 white-label platforms for around 130 customers in 20 countries.

Aimwel is a recruitment advertising platform that enables job boards to reach both active and passive job seekers and drive applications using a hypertargeted, fully automated system that it says works on a granular level. The new product from the two companies is called Jobiqo Air (Automated Intelligent Reach). Jobiqo and Aimwel maintain that it combines AI algorithms and technology architectures from both companies to create an innovative and cost-effective solution for job boards and job platforms Jobiqo AIR integrates Aimwel’s platform so job boards can access all channels from job aggregators, social media and display advertising.

The partnership enables the 200 job boards that use Jobiqo’s platform to benefit from Aimwel’s lead-generation capabilities across paid performance media channels. AIM Group spoke exclusively to Jobiqo CEO Martin Lenz and Aimwel CEO Lauri Koop ahead of the announcement to get additional insight into the new product, the thinking behind the collaboration and the potential benefits for both companies and their clients.

What was the reasoning behind the collaboration?

said: “The recruitment market is very dynamic and crowded. So, the competition is increasing. Understanding which sources of traffic you have as job board is very important. Clients select Jobiqo because of our SEO automation, smart matching and job alerts, but that’s now not enough.”“If you look at performance, you really want to control the success of your customers, and this is where programmatic job advertising comes into play. The industry talked about it for a very long time, but I believe that only just now are there vendors evolving that are mature enough to really create value.”

“And this is why we looked at Aimwel because for the first time we felt ‘Here’s someone that builds sophisticated, qualitative service that helps the job boards in our space.' This partnership will enable our clients to easily access Aimwel’s cutting-edge Recruitment Advertising platform. Together, we’re confident that we can supercharge the recruitment advertising and job board industry.”

According to Lauri, “What made job boards great is not going to cut it anymore. So, where are those audiences which job boards need to deliver for their recruiters? How can we go and find them on an individual, granular level? What we often see is that the job boards could run it for a few jobs which get a lot of performance but not for all jobs. When I started, we didn’t have that solution. We were still doing tactic, workbased marketing, which helped to solve some of the problems. The second issue was around conversions. A lot of the traffic we get has questionable quality.

“So, the long story short is that marketing is currently very much a technology game. The marketing for the job needs to be done with a lot of data on a granular level. ”Aimwel began building their new product in 2020 after recognizing the issues it had with its own job boards. The aim was to “cover every single job level in multiple categories,” Lauri said. The differentiation between recruiting a taxi driver and a truck driver for instance, is crucial. Aimwel discovered that other companies had the same problems.

“The question is, is every country different? Absolutely. Is each job board different? Absolutely,” he added. “But the building blocks, the modules we’ve built, can deliver the applicants. We can create campaigns for every single job in those groups. And can we plug this into different job boards? The answer is ‘yes.' “And that’s where the match with Martin came in because it’s a high-powered job board which has many data points. For example, good matching of jobs … highly crucial for us. If we know it’s a taxi driver or a bus driver or truck driver, those are three different audiences you need to target.”

“And Martin has this brilliantly sorted out in his taxonomy and his architecture, so we can very easily plug into this. And if you have the plugin, that means also all the clients with whom Jobiqo works can very easily use our capabilities. What we do is make sure that we’ll take every single job of Martin’s marketing campaign. For example, a truck driver: Where are those people? Where are those audiences? How do we produce the creative? Once those questions are answered, the marketing campaign is set to go. When it reaches it target, it gets switched off. ”But what about jobs where finding candidates is more challenging? Lauri answered: “Let’s take a radiologist — a job that is usually not surfing on daily basis on job boards. So, you can actually give it an incremental media boost, which goes off platform or charge extra for those difficult to fill jobs.”

“Data scientist is high demand; you can say I really need to go off a job portal to find a wide selection, and I have technology which can bring them to the flow in a very natural way.”

“You don’t need a lot of marketeers. Instead, just say I need data scientist …[the] technology and marketing team make sure that all the plumbing is correct and they can execute in a hassle-free way.”

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